Better smileys!

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Better smileys!

Post by ShhhCelicaSleeping » Fri Sep 27, 2002 7:42 am

I used to use SRO for street racing talk, but now that ive found you guys....FUCK THEM, but hey anyways they got some funny smileys. check their forum out mabey you can jack some of the smileys. for anyone that is considering joining that peice of shit forum....DON'T this is alot better, over there they have alot of Pissy Civic drivers and alot of plain asshole...peace-PBA
Dear lord,I wanted to go fast,so you gave me a ST.Dear lord WHY ME?!Dear lord may I please just have a 3s-gte?Dear lord,I want to see my speedo go past 83,I just want to go fast again, for when Im hauling ass,Im actually happy.My prayer

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